retrospect: the 4th of july

lucky for us, the timing of our family reunion worked out so that my family was still here for the fourth. although josh worked most of the day (sad--i know! he's almost done with this crazy project), the rest of the group spent the afternoon at the pool, where josh met us at the tail end. then we all barbequed at my house before going over to sugarhouse park for fireworks. we all had our 4th of july t-shirts on, and i went to the store earlier and bought a few packages of glow-sticks for my kids and their cousins. i love how the kids get so excited about little things like that.
now, i love fireworks, but only if you can be right underneath them. you have to feel like they're going to fall on you or the magic effect is just lost. well we got it--they were great! joshua of course loved them, but jacob wasn't quite so sure. as soon as they started he came right by me and said "mommy tuddle, tuddle mommy" (he says his c's with a t sound, so translated that's an irresistable plea to cuddle.) he laid right beside me the whole time. he was a little nervous and at first he said "doh home mommy." but soon enough he got into it, and since then he hasn't stopped talking about fireworks. it's a late night for the kiddies, but definitely well worth it.
once again, for my family's sake, i'm including all the photos in a slide. the good lookin' guy with the faux, my bro john. the cute couple back to back--my mom and stepdad frank. the family of five--my sisters'. the rest are me and my boys. there's some sweet pics here. so take a break from the olympics and check them out. i'm off to soccer camp, followed by swimming lessons. you've got to love summer...

mountain madness: timberlakes 2008

last month we had our family reunion up at timberlakes, in the mountains above heber. it was a blast--just perfect. we went up thursday night and stayed until sunday afternoon. in the meantime we played games, went for a hike, went into park city for some swimming, had a talent show, did our own family sacrament meeting, had great food, and just laughed a lot. the kids loved playing with their cousins and, of course, being with their grandma vicki. we missed heide, steve and ethan, but were so glad to finally have my brother john join us! he is pretty much hilarious, and my boys think he's the coolest. i agree.

i decided to make a slide show (like lis) because i know my family is anxious to see ALL the photos. it's probably overkill for the rest of you, so for that i apologize.

number one thing i came away from that with: i have an awesome family. so talented, so caring, so helpful and supportive and loving, and SO FUN!
love you guys. enjoy the photos.