the darndest things...

after church, easter sunday.
"joshua, what did you learn about in your class today?"
"jesus' erection."
joshua has no idea what he just said.
josh is trying not to laugh.
"i mean...jesus' RES-urrection! the resurrection."
and joshua loves talking before bed.
after stories he'll ask "can we just talk for awhile?"
he's a real thinker. he asks great questions.
last night josh laid in his bed with him.
as usual they talked about whatever came to joshua's mind.
yesterday it was the tooth fairy.
"dad, is the tooth fairy married?"
"um...i'm not sure."
"does the tooth fairy have a body, or is she just a spirit?"
"well, i think she has a body..."
joshua, matter of factly: "dad, you dont' really know."
"where does the tooth fairy live?"
"i don't know bud..."
"that's okay dad. we can just look it up online."