when i grow up

the other day, as soon as i got out of the shower, joshua came running upstairs to tell me something. he gets this big happy kind-of-shy smile, and looks like he's going to burst from holding all this excitement in.
"mom, do you know what i want to be when i grow up?"
"um...a surfer?"
this was not mother telepathy, this was a result of the fact that joshua was playing his "surfing songs"--beach boys--downstairs at full blast.
"YEAH! a surfer!...and an astronaut."
we had just gone to the planetarium on saturday, and talked all about space shuttles and rocket ships and walking on the moon.
"mom...how did you know that?"
"i don't know bud..."

later he called his dad to tell him his life-changing news:
"dad, i want to be a surfer and an astronaut when i grow up!
but not a real astronaut...
i mean, like for halloween.
but when i'm big i want to go surfing for real."