three men and a lady

lately i've been thinking how fun it is being the only girl in this family--me and my three boys. there's a few reasons for this. one is how much of our activities revolve around sports. joshua just finished jr. jazz, which was a major hit. he has started getting pretty aggressive and playing defensively--it's so fun to watch!

now he's back at soccer--practice starts up again this week (which i announced this afternoon to great cheers). and jacob has just started his first soccer team, which is the cutest thing ever.

Then there's all the basketball games,

(go byu!)

wrestling meets, bike riding, and of course march madness complete with in-house dunk contests...

(sorry, but i think this white boy can jump)

the fun never ends! i like sports well enough, but for me it's more of a social event. i don't really know or care much about what's going on on the field/court/etc unless it involves one of my boys scoring (or getting hurt--then i REALLY care.) right now march madness is in full gear, and the boys watch and play basketball while i'm off studying. it's so cute to me! and although i may miss out on some girl things, these boys definitely let me know i'm special. my favorite is when jacob says "i love you mom" out of the blue. then i say "i love you too jacob." without fail he responds "i love you too mom." cutest thing.

then there's me, the sole female of the house. this means that i get to be something i never got to be growing up with a 3 sisters. i get to be the princess! i get to be the girl. when i get a pedicure, my boys are fascinated by my toes--the things girls do! when i wear fishnet stockings, it kind of creeps them out, but i tell them it's a girl thing. when i wear big earings, they say "cute earings mom!" when i buy new shoes or clothes, they say "girls just need a lot of stuff, huh mom?" i get to have the car warmed up for me, doors opened. i also get to be moody. sorry, but it's part of the package and sometimes mom needs alone time. i get to take bubble baths and eat gourmet chocolates. it's wonderful being a woman! the funny thing is, this is a new found joy for me. i've never been a tom boy, but never a girly-girl either. i'm pretty practical and down-to-earth. but i'll tell you what, some of the finest things in life are monopolized by woman kind, and i am taking full advantage.

so if i end up the lone girl in this family, i'm perfectly happy with that. my boys are FUN! besides, if a little girl ever comes along, i'm not sure i'll be ready to relinquish my princess status...